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Horrible Humour


Posted on 2007.10.01 at 08:20
On the other hand, I know it's going to be an awesome day when I've already read things like the following by 4:30 AM:

On Hugo Black: "Like other men the South has produced, he appears to have held intensely a Hobbesian view of the conflicts in life and, at the same time, passionately idealized the common man."

Which seemed immediately familiar sounding and made me want to find a book about Hugo Black.

And the fun continued: I moved on to several articles on textual theories of Constitutional interpretation, including one that somehow managed to work linguistic and cognitive theory, Wittgenstein, Richard Rorty, Stanley Fish, Harold Bloom, and Nietzsche into an article applying literary critical theories to textual analysis and wrote sweet lines like "As Chairman Mao pointed out, a revolution is not a tea party" and (referring to John marshall) "he is, perhaps, the great Nietzschean judge of our tradition."

Literary and legal theory, all in one package. This is my intellectual equivalent of bedding two women at the same time, or whatever tawdry little metaphor you prefer. And the entire week is critical theory! I feel like an English major again.


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