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The Boy Vs. The Cynic

Or: he never knew when to come in from the rain

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I'm a college student. I'd try to sum up my life in a few sentences here, but A: my life is still an ongoing process, and B: even though words are powerful things, capable of fitting a universe of meaning in the spaces between a few vibrating air molecules, it takes the right words. In the right combination. I haven't found the right ones for my life yet. When I do, I'll let you know.

I'm neither a college student any longer, nor the person who wrote the above. Here I am, still working on it, though.

6. Described the irrelevant. Trained the humor. Removed blinkers. Kept the furnishings spare. Feared history. Shunned electronic truths. Shunned money. Remembered that the history of love has resulted in one melody. Traipsed after some Chinese man's sayings, some Indian's, some woman's. Traipsed after an audience. Celebrated both the nightmare and the delight. Trapped experiences with words. Exploded, on occasion, with pandemonium. Attempted to melt self-consciousness. Canvassed door to door with song. Scythed moribund visions. Memorized the times. Specified edginess. Maintained aspects of the idiot, the faithful brain. Caught the train. Missed the train. Was found guilty. Was found innocent. --M.A.C. Farrant

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